Some of the interesting YouTube channels I watch regarding geopolitics are mentioned here.

Recently, I discovered a few other interesting ones, which I would like to share with you all here:

In these channels, you will find facts-based information about how COVID was an orchestrated agenda (see Russell Brand’s channel), how pushing for war with Russia is an idiotic move by the collective West (see Scott Ritter videos), and that peace and negotiations are a better solution than war. These people mention that smart people know NATO countries should NOT be involved in war with Russia, that Israel should stop aggression against Palestine, and that only idiots can believe the US and EU propaganda. Some of them even mention that the EU and NATO should be dissolved so that countries can take back their independence and stop being vassals of US and EU warmongers. They also talk about de-dollarization, BRICS, and a new multipolar world led by China that unfolds before our eyes.

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