Today, Louis Rossmann, a man with integrity and courage, released a video talking about an amazing application he and his team from FUTO worked on called and I want to share it with you all here. More information about it can be seen in the videos below.

People at FUTO create, in their own words: open-source tech that gives you back privacy and control from big tech. I find them great and hope they will succeed in their endeavor.

Freedom is our most basic right, and I don’t like the practices of big tech companies that apply so much control and have the power to „eliminate“ someone with a single push of a button from their platform. Almost every big platform does this, most of the time because of political pressure (see RT, Julian Assange, etc.) or because they are just greedy, as YouTube is these days with their s**t „Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube„.

Today, changes that.

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