Spontane Ideen, die ich zwischen 2021 und 2023 hatte

Vor ein paar Jahren habe ich über spontane Ideen geschrieben, die ich zwischen 2013 und 2020 hatte. Heute wollte ich über die Ideen schreiben, die ich seit 2021 bis jetzt hatte, mit dem Ziel, sie hier in meinem Blog zu dokumentieren (auf Englisch), aber auch, um vielleicht einen jungen Studenten zu erleuchten, der auf der Suche nach interessanten Forschungsideen ist. Diese Ideen sind mir plötzlich eingefallen, und ich habe sie unter Angabe des Datums aufgeschrieben, als ich sie hatte.

  • Idee 20.01.2021
    – In a forest, there are tags on the trees. They help you stay on the hiking trail and not get lost. The idea is to create a deep learning-based solution, that can help people interpret these tree tags by identifying them in various weather conditions, at night (using infrared or lidar kind of sensors); also suggesting the shortest route to get out of the forest, thus reducing the risk of getting lost in the woods.
  • Idee 21.01.2021
    – Create a driving school for AI systems and write a scientific paper in which all curriculum is explained and also how AI systems perform when getting their „AI driving license“. Here, not only staying on a lane is important, but changing lanes, managing the speed, reading signs, being able to know if they are in a village area, town, or highway area, and also knowing to stop if they see an accident and give help by automatically sending a photo or video sequence or calling an ambulance with the exact address, recognizing construction sites, etc. Additionally, the AI system should check with the help of sensors if the car has the right height to go under a certain tunnel for example, if the tire air pressure is right if the fuel or electricity (in electric cars) lasts enough to reach a desired destination, to be alert in case humans or animals enter on the driving lane by mistake not only because a sign alert them of such a possibility, but in any case. Also, this AI system should be taught to act always according to the law of the country it drives in, thus minimizing the risk of receiving a „Straffe“/ticket (sensors of cameras should check if the driver’s license and documents are in the car, if vest or feuerlöscher is there, etc). During experiments, tests should be done using Physics-guided neural networks. Also, the advantages of such a Driving School for AI and future possibilities should be highlighted.
  • Idee 21.01.2021
    – Create a simple project where a self-driving car has a radio on and makes decisions also based on radio news. For example, sometimes an update regarding the situation on a highway is given by radio: „On the A4, there was a big accident involving a truck; please be careful.“ or „The A3 is blocked and drivers are advised to take the A2 route towards X destination“ or „-Drivers, be careful because the road towards X destination is having a rocks fall or ice, snow, rain, mud fall, etc. „. The deep learning system should be able to detect the audio alerts and understand the useful information; then, take necessary steps in optimizing the route or driving style, speed, etc.
  • Idee 21.01.2021
    -Increase the safety of an autonomous vehicle by signalizing other traffic participants that due to low-fuel or old maintenance done to the car or mini accident, the behavior will be unexpected.
  • Idee 26.01.2021
    -Create a YouTube channel or a Spotify account where all you do is read research papers. That’s it. No explanation of the paper or code, etc. Similar to other people who read stories or poetries, just read research papers. You can make different playlists, with research papers covering multiple domains, but first start with papers in your research area, e.g. Deep Learning. This idea came to me when I had to read some research papers related to Physics-Guided Neural Networks (PGNNs) and autonomous driving but at the same time, I also wanted to play a game or eat.
  • Idee 29.07.2021
    – Create an AI model which is able to tell if your car is dirty, such as the sensors, mirrors, etc., and is able to tell you the location of dirt (maybe a pigeon just pooped on a mirror, maybe insects just covered some sensors and now they are unable to correctly read the radar info, etc.) and can automatically tell which carwash places are open nearby using google maps for ex. on your smartphone or navigator. Also, the detection of a tunnel sign should be made by an AI, that automatically starts the „Abblendlicht“ as well as removes the sunglasses, in case the human forgets that he needs to do this.
  • Ideen 04.01.2022
    The first idea is related to a job advertisement I saw saying something like this:
    We are looking for a colleague/colleague for a commercial worker position for our store in Iancului, close to the metro station. We want in our team a serious, organized, punctual, communicative, kind with customers, who can work efficiently both in a team and alone. The main task is to take care of the shop, keep a stock record and announce when products need to be ordered, keep a clear record of the expiry date of products, and make sure all shelves are arranged and all products are priced. Previous experience with management software is an advantage but not a requirement. It is simple and can be learned. Further details will be discussed during the interview with the selected candidates.

– More exactly, my idea is to create a dissertation or master thesis that solves problems related to stock update, price existence check under products, expiry date, etc., using AI algorithms. It can also result in an ISI scientific paper being accepted at an international conference such as ICMV.

The second idea of the day is to create a CARLA simulation of an autonomous car driving in extreme weather conditions. For example, with winds blowing very strongly in all directions, with icy roads, water, etc. Physical knowledge can be used as input for the AI in order to learn to adjust the car’s speed and orientation when driving in different extreme road conditions/environments.

  • Idee 07.04.2023
    Create an app that can tell from a Midjourney AI-generated image what was the input text prompt. Many people I saw asked when they saw pictures generated by the Midjourney AI: „- What prompt did you use to generate this nice image?!“
  • Ideen 01.08.2023
    – Write a research paper about an AI solution that detects humans who are ready to kill an animal. Detect his knife, or any other type of weapon, and also detect his mood of anger, intention to kill, etc. because there are available algorithms that can detect the mood already; and the research paper should encourage people to go vegetarian.
    – SEO Idea: Improve the rank of a website in search engines using novel solutions of merging user’s location, search and map location history, personal address, domain, etc. Why this idea is better than the actual SOTA? Because as of now websites are ranked according to keywords and SEO links relevant to the subject; in my opinion, this doesn’t show the authenticity of the person and that he deserves to be up there in the top search engine ranks. For example, I wrote today about how I bought my car, how I went to pick it up, how I made car insurance, how I parked on a side street, etc., and because I carry my phone with me, all this information can be verified by the search engine by looking in my phone location history, my phone calls with the agencies or emails (ok, maybe not that much privacy access, but you got the idea), etc.
  • Idee 20.10.2023
    Imagine you watch an old video (NOT LIVE) on Udemy trying to learn Digital Electronics & Logic Design Circuits, and suddenly you sneeze because maybe you have a cold. Because your microphone is on, the teacher in the video detects your sneeze sound, and will automatically pause where he left his teaching and will look into the camera and say: „- Blessings, Sorin!“ He will wait after that for 3 seconds in order to see if you say „Thank you“; if not, he will continue his lesson. An AI model can be trained that will translate the audio into text, then vice versa when talking to you (maybe using Whisper). Now you might ask: – But how can the professor in the video look at me and change position and expression looking at the camera straight and telling me „- Blessings, Sorin!“? Well, I think it can be done with generative AI (like we see these deep fake videos where the characters look like the real ones where in fact they are AI-generated. go it?); I think an AI can be trained on the lesson videos, then he will be able to generate a very real pose which will look at the camera and say the words. Of course, this will require the old video to be somehow connected and available for manipulation by the AI application. A paper can be written about this with many other predefined responses to many sounds or words. Imagine kids can talk to their favorite teacher, cartoon character, music artist, etc.
  • Idee 27.10.2023
    An idea for a good Bachelor thesis: Create a letterbox with mirrors and a microcontroller+sensors+webcam that uses AI to detect what type of letter you receive. Then, create a smartphone application that informs you when you receive a letter in that mailbox, if it is full of letters and needs to be empty or if it needs to be charged (maybe the microcontroller and camera can be powered by solar energy), what is the humidity inside (when it is raining, sometimes letters come wet, either due to the mail man making them wet or because they stay longer time in the letterbox).
  • Vandana Sep 5, 2023, 5:23 pm

    Nice Drawing. Keep it up Dipty.

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