Captain Muffler, Sergeant Handkerchief, and Paramedic Loofah

I like telling jokes and laughing hard, especially when I am with friends and some kind of alcohol is involved (usually only a glass or two of wine, or around 2-3 Weizen vom Faß beers; e.g., at the 3rd beer I am already in the best mood for jokes and fun). However, I rarely drink. For example, in 2022 I drank maybe only 3 glasses of wine the entire year and maybe 3 beers. In the year 2023, I drank only one or two glasses of wine and no beer the entire year.

This is because I think alcohol is not healthy and when consumed on a weekly, not to mention daily basis, it can create discomfort in relationships with others. Often I saw people in public behaving aggressively due to alcohol and I would be in favor of banning it together with nicotine cigars as well. They are dirty businesses anyway. Well, not as dirty as other strong drug businesses, but still…

In fact, I can also get into a great mood for jokes and fun without alcohol at all. All I need is someone crazy on the same level of readiness to be „dumb“ for a few hours like me.

Since last year, I used to tell a couple of jokes to my friends in which I used 2 fictional characters I created with funny names.

The first character is Captain Muffler (in German: Hauptmann Schal). He has the highest rank.

The second character in Sergeant Handkerchief (in German: Feldwebel Taschentuch). He is a lower rank and is always ready to accomplish Captain’s Muffler requests, even in the most difficult situations.

When Sergent Handkerchief meets Captain Muffler, his words are: – Sergeant Handkerchief reporting for duty! In order to understand their relationship, think about a wife being Captain Muffler and the husband being Sergeant Handkerchief, hahaha.

A third character recently introduced by me this year in the jokes is Paramedic Loofah (in German: Sanitäter Luffa). Captain Muffler and Sergeant Handkerchief always think that paramedic Loofah is not a real army combat medic, but a civilian paramedic who somehow works with them in the military by luck because they had no one else to choose from due to a lack of medical personnel.

In this blog post, I just wanted to introduce these characters to you all publicly for the first time. My jokes with them will be shared in future blog posts, so stay tuned!

PS. Yes, I decided to write this blog post in English rather than German due to many of my friends telling me that they have a hard time translating from German to English or Romanian every time they want to enjoy my blog posts. Expect many of my blog posts from now on to be written in English.

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