Another win for the Right to Repair: nerd.tool.1

I remember that in my childhood in Romania, we had a neighbor named Mihai, but people used to call him Mișu. He was a very good friend of my mom as well. Mișu was a man who could repair all kinds of electronics such as TVs, computers, radios, etc. At his home, I had my first experience with a Desktop PC when I was around 12 years of age (playing my first games on his computer, seeing the blue interface of Norton Commander, and how he repairs them using physical books full of schematics, etc.). His computer was placed in a room full of electronic devices that needed to be repaired, were repaired, or simply had replacement boards all over. In this room were also a lot of carton boxes on which were written big company names such as IBM, Siemens, and so on. Btw., while seeing the Siemens name on the boxes there, I liked how this word sounded (didn’t know at that time what the name represented and how amazing this company is), this being the reason why I also called my first innovative project idea when I was 19 years of age, siemens00. What I liked about Mișu is that he was well-educated and knew how to repair everything very well in terms of electronics. Seeing him doing so well and being respected for his job, I got interested in physics, electronics, and computer repairs as well (for future readers who don’t know how to make their kids interested in a subject, you see what helped me?! INSPIRATION BY EXAMPLE; BY DOING IT NOT BY ONLY TALKING ABOUT IT). Ah, let me tell you one „funny“ thing: Between my 5th and 8th grade, my class headmaster (in Romanian: Diriginte) was also a physics professor (who slapped me and my colleague’s asses with a rubber due to us laughing hard after telling jokes one time; he still didn’t apologize for it since, what a bully, haha; I think I was 13 years of age at that time). My grades in physics were mediocre but I always had the biggest interest in physics books. Well, what are grades anyway, right?!

Did I tell you that at the age of 18, people used to knock at my door and call me to go repair their computers, install their Windows, etc. (ah, the sweet times when I had to use also the Floppy System Disks and knew every MS-DOS command needed by heart, haha)? No, I don’t think I mentioned this before here on my blog.

Well, what I want to share with you today is that, as you probably saw on my About Me page, I support the Right to Repair and I like men of integrity such as Louis Rossmann. Today in one of his videos I saw the presentation of a new product called nerd.tool.1 developed by a company from Germany and wanted to share this news with you.

According to, „nerd.tool.1 empowers independent repair stores to calibrate the display angle sensors of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air without Apple’s assistance. Discover how our innovative tool enables you to effortlessly calibrate the display angle sensor on customers MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

What I like the most about them is that if 350 orders are fulfilled, they will do this:

Our primary objective is to develop and provide valuable tools designed to assist independent repair stores in their operations. In order to enhance and sustain these tools, your collaboration is paramount. We wholeheartedly invite your valuable input and suggestions, as they play an integral role in our continuous improvement efforts. To facilitate this collaborative approach, we have committed to releasing our source code for public access after reaching a milestone of 350 orders. This initiative is intended to empower the community to innovate and create enhanced iterations of the nerd.tool.1, fostering the development of even more refined and efficient solutions.

In case you are a business owner who offers independent repair services for Apple products, I am sure you will not have any hesitation to support them by ordering their product and that you will also get rid of all the frustrations when trying to repair the latest Apple products.

Mișu’s example of being able to do electronics repair by himself (I remember that sometimes he used to be frustrated that he didn’t have certain board schematics, or a certain electronic component in order to repair a device with customers having to wait for weeks or few months sometimes) and Louis Rossmann’s efforts was an inspiration for me to support the Right to Repair, spread the word, and ask you all to not obey all the rules of big profit-oriented companies, especially when it comes to Covid and war.

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