The Synergetics are here! …and some things you didn’t know about me

Finally, after so many years of wanting to own them in my library, the Synergetics (paperback) and Synergetics 2 (hardcover) of R. Buckminster Fuller arrived today, just a few minutes ago! I paid just 123,45€ for both of them, as second hand.

I used to read these books online as .pdf for years but never had the chance to find and order them at a reasonable price in printed form as well, until now. I highly recommend them to you if you are interested in geometry or mathematics in general.

I discovered these books online years ago while studying Vortex Based Mathematics (VBMs) online from videos of Marko Rodin, Randy Powell, and even Nassim Haramein. I even started my master’s studies at UPT with the idea to do research on VBMs for my master’s thesis called CITRO, but after one semester, because I came in 2013 with an Erasmus scholarship at SRH Hochschule Heidelberg, and decided to remain in Germany after that, I had to quit my masters in Computer Engineering at UPT and completely switch to Web-Design specialization in another university. I remember the face of one of the professors on the admission committee when he heard me talking about my future expected CITRO master thesis, about Bahá’í Scriptures and VBMs, and my motivation, and goals, hahaha, but I got in with a high grade anyway. Yes, I know, you didn’t know that!

I remember that also before starting my Ph.D., I wanted to start my research with the idea mentioned by me in August 2020 here, namely, to create a human aura reader apparatus that can help identify a person by their energy field, or as I used to call it, by their emotional intelligence level. With it, I wanted to replace any existing security or medical camera. I dreamed that through it, we would be able to see the real „spirit“ behind the body, that we would be able to identify which person is more suitable for a certain activity (as of now, there are people who are in the army but have no „fire“ in their aura, they are not „warriors“ so to speak, and there are many priests who say they are „good/spiritual“ people, but in reality they are far from it, etc.). With such a device, I could put the right people in the right position: only warrior spirits in defense positions, only the highest spiritual people in churches and temples, and so on. I know many people who are artists by nature but do s****y jobs that don’t suit their spirit. Got it? With the help of such an apparatus, I thought I could help make some order in the society based on spiritual-meritocratic values, to clean up the mess we have in the society where often ugly spirits are in powerful positions and don’t belong there, seeing great achievements in a short time. I had also thoughts that such a device could even be applied to other animals or insects to see their behavior according to their aura (who knows, maybe we will also see an artist spirit in some lions, and a warrior spirit in some cows, haha). However, my Ph.D. advisor, Mircea Vladutiu, told me before starting my Ph.D. in the summer of 2016: „- Dear Sorin, if you want to go on with this idea for your Ph.D. admission, the people in the Ph.D. admission committee might laugh at you and I cannot guarantee that you will be successful. However, I see some potential for success with a practical approach regarding Biometrics if your thesis is called „Biometric Authentification Systems with Improved Accuracy“ (which in the second year I changed to „Research of reliable biometric systems with self-testing capabilities„). Now you all know why my first research paper published during my Ph.D. where I was co-author was in the Biometrics domain, namely the Technological solutions for throughput improvement of a Secure Hash Algorithm-256 engine. However, due to the AI boom happening before my eyes and my curiosity to delve deeper into the newly emerging field of Deep Learning, later I published most of my research papers in this field and changed the title of my Ph.D. thesis to „Powering and Evaluating Deep Learning-based Systems using Green Energy„, for which I received the „Excellent“ grade known as „Summa cum Laude“, as you all know.

In a way, maybe it is better that I didn’t do research and realized such an aura reader apparatus, because the negative effect is that the military-industrial complex could have become aware of it quickly and will rush in to make billions because they could sell such a device for armies in the battlefield where they can equip it on a weapon which could eliminate all „fire spirits“ they detect in a village/area they plan to invade, thus minimizing the loss of the army they fund (as with all technologies, it depends on which hands such devices land; remember how secret agents were waiting years long around the hotel room of Nikola Tesla in order to be the first ones to enter the room and steal his works once he dies?! It was not in their interest to take his life; I think they just wanted to see him alive as long as possible in order to squeeze all the ideas from him before he left this planet because they knew that everything he was writing down until his last breath will be stolen by them immediately anyway, therefore they might have thought: the more the merrier). Hapciu, weather control weapons, hapciu.

Btw., does anyone know what happened to Daniel and Erica Nunez from It seems like they are not active for years on social platforms (I used to have them in my Facebook friends list many years ago). I hope they didn’t have an „accident“ as usually happens to people who are a danger to profit-oriented companies, especially since I don’t know anything much about them after they patented the Apparatus and method for a coiled wire nest and frame for toroidal induction. Here is a video of them:

I wanted to order from them a Vortex ABHA coil years ago (I could have built one myself but thought it would have been nice to support them) but didn’t have enough money as a student at that time. Now, when I can and want to support them, I see that on their website there are no more coils available to order and they are not active anywhere on social media for more than a year, with no posts on their Facebook page either. I even tried to make a donation to them but the link to the email on their website doesn’t work anymore. I hope they are doing well and return stronger and healthier; the same feeling I have for Julian Assange and all the people I admire for their work.

Later Edit: It seems like there are a lot of other people selling Vortex Coils on Etsy. Awesome! I like this one and this one.

Before VBMs, after my bachelor studies in Computer Engineering, I was also studying Keshe plasma technologies and how to build Keshe reactors (I mentioned here yesterday how I got interested in physics). I even remember I wrote an email on 29 November 2012 to Mr. Tinca, the Ambassador Delegate of Romania to the Kingdom of Belgium at that time telling him to share this technology in Romania. He never replied, haha! I just checked to see the email and is just too embarrassing to share its text of how juicy and poetic/dreamer I was. Sometimes, I feel like the younger version of me behaved like a virgin who didn’t know how to world functions at all! Well, it is true, I indeed was, as my „grandma“ once said: very naive. Good that my generation doesn’t have many videos in which all can see nowadays how naive, or even better said, stupid, we were behaving when we were younger, haha.

Also, while studying Mehran Tavakoli Keshe’s work, I studied a lot about Iran, and it became my favorite country at some point (I found out how advanced they are in nuclear plasma technology, how cool Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is, and how Iranians are some of the warmest people in Asia, etc.). Btw., did you know that while I was living in Rudow, Berlin while working as an Online Marketing Manager, I paid rent for a WG room which was situated in a villa owned by an Iranian man named Abbas N. (I was always in a good relationship with him, and  I remember one day I even showed him a video of an Iranian mother who told to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that he should never say he feels alone, because she is always with him, her love is for him always there, as it is for her son who was in a prison for something minor and after this incident, her son got released. I don’t remember and cannot find that video on the internet anymore; if I will find it, I will share it here later; Later edit: FOUND IT HERE!). I cried a bit for feeling and understanding how great of a human being Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is. I used to think that I would have liked him to be my grandpa to teach me a thing or two (In fact I learned a lot just by seeing his videos online, how humble, honest, and strong morals he has). Around that time, I also developed more understanding, appreciation and respect for the leaders of Russia (Vladimir Putin as well as Sergey Lavrov), North Korea (Kim Jong-un), Syria (Bashar al-Assad), Lybia (Muammar al-Gaddafi), China (Xi Jinping), and Asia in general and got a „sour taste/gust acru“ feeling for some of the Western leaders, puppets of U.S. warmongers, and the mainstream media, who I understood are responsible also for the fall of probably the best president Romania ever had, Nicolae Ceausescu. Good that I didn’t watch TV when it came to politics but instead I watched interesting and reliable YouTube channels. And very good for the entire world that BRICS grows!

Now that I own the Synergetics, the Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid book lost the crown today in my library, haha. If interested, (and you should!, especially if you are a teenager and have a lot of time ahead on this small planet), you can see here a list of selected books I own in my home library.

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