Enjoying some time in India

Recently I arrived in India where I plan to enjoy at least a few months, away from the cold weather, bonding more with my family and friends.

I am living in our newly renovated apartment here in New Delhi, which now has also around 20 new green plants and flowers, my favorite being the 7-year-old Bonsai I picked from a Nursery (this is how a place where you can buy plants and flowers is called here in India, haha).

I also attended a wedding in New Delhi (with all the ceremonies involved, it took almost 1 week and had around 900 guests…yes, I know, a huge number for us Europeans, but a piece of cake for Indians), visited Dehradun, ate delicious food, danced for hours without pause that even Indian people were surprised, and inhaled the pollution and dust as never before (during winter, pollution usually is very high in Delhi), for which I needed to take homeopathic medicine several days. 😀

It’s amazing here. I feel at home in Asia.

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