The best Pizza Napoletana in New Delhi, India is made by Jamie Oliver

I like pizza very much and I know which one is really good and which is mediocre. I have experience, kids :D. But do you know which one is my favorite? Pizza Napoletana! This type of pizza is not heavy on the stomach at all, if fluffy and very delicious. The best Pizza Napoletana I ate in Germany was in Bremen from Zio Manu di Napoli.

In New Delhi, India, we always ordered pizza with Zomato from Domino or other pizzerias before, but guys, let me tell you the best pizzeria I discovered a few weeks ago. It is called Jamie’s Pizzeria, a chain by Jamie Oliver, and I went to the one situated in Vegas Mall near the movie theaters at the top.

I also went to another Jamie Oliver’s pizzeria in another mall, but I don’t remember where exactly. If you are in New Delhi, just Google search for Jamie Oliver Pizzeria and go there in person and eat (I ordered two times at home with Zomato, but they arrived cold; maybe because it’s winter time now here). Go and eat in person, it’s so tasty! Prices are a bit expensive for India, but the taste is just better for my tongue compared to other pizzas I tried in New Delhi.

Also, their desserts such as carrot cake, and the tiramisu are good, but the lava cake with ice cream on top, or what was its name, was the best!

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