The monthly costs for an apartment in New Delhi, India

If you ever wondered, as I did, how much the monthly expenses for a 75-square-meter apartment (3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 Living room + Kitchen) are in New Delhi, India, I share below the details for December 2023.

The prices are in Indian Rupees (INR), but I also present them in Euro in brackets.

New Delhi Apartment Expenses Monthly Bills
Electricity (Apartment+Elevator) 1.235 (~13 €)
Gas Cylinder used for Cooking 903 (~10 €)
Water 0
Bisleri (Drinking Water) 640 (~7 €)
Internet 900 (~10 €)
TV Cable 0
Apartment Cleaning Lady 1.100 (~12 €)
Entrance/Terrace Cleaning Boy 180 (~2 €)
Elevator Maintenance 242 (~3 €)
Unexpected Expenses 5.000 (~55 €)
TOTAL 10.200 (~113 €)

As you can see, considering that in December 2023, 1 Euro = around 90 INR, the total price per month including the unexpected expenses was 113 Euro. The unexpected expenses can be small repairs, or painting the stair house, changing electric bulbs, etc., which are not happening monthly, therefore one could say that the price is even less, around 60 Euro per month.

In New Delhi, water is given for free every morning for 2 hours by the government, meaning that people wake up every morning around 5 am so that until 7 am they can take advantage of this and fill their water tanks with it. In case some people don’t wake up so early and miss it, they have a private water pipe from where they can fill up their water tanks, but for that, they must pay (cheap anyway). This is the reason why there are no water bills for people in general in New Delhi. People only pay for the drinking water, which they order themselves and is mentioned as „Bisleri“ in the table. Also, we don’t watch TV, so there is no such bill for us, it’s not like in Germany where they take that Radio/TV tax by force, FFS.

Also, in New Delhi, people don’t pay to throw their garbage (a government car that plays a certain song so that it is easily heard and recognized, comes every morning to pick up the garbage for free; I saw people just go outside with their dirtbags and throw them in the car).

The price of electricity is less during winter (around 3 months), but after that it can be much more expensive, maybe triple or more, because the fans are always running, otherwise being too hot.

The apartment cleaning lady comes daily, but she finishes her job in 15 minutes (she has many apartments to clean per day). The cleaning boy comes once a week and cleans the parking lot, stair house, and terrace, finishing in under 1h, and is paid by everyone in the house, the table presenting only our share.

India is nice, cheap, and full of life. However, I was told, that if you want to have a great life in New Delhi, despite the apartment monthly costs being „nothing“ for us in Germany (this much we pay to go out for a pizza and drink for two in Germany), you should earn around 2.000 € per month. This is possible, as I know someone personally who is an Indian woman and earns around 2.300 € in New Delhi, India working in IT. With this amount of money, you can live better than anywhere in Germany.

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