Neuromorphic Computing Researcher

After a long break from intense work and spending a few months in India, on 01 February 2024, I accepted a new job offer and started working as a Researcher in Neuromorphic Computing at the Institute of Print and Media Technology from Chemnitz University of Technology (pmTUC).

The main reason I think this role is the best I could have now: officially, I have 6 years of working experience in AI (4 years during my Ph.D. at the Politehnica University of Timisoara and 2 years working as a researcher for the German Aerospace Center) but all this experience was only on the software side of AI (e.g., Artificial Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning) and what I was missing was to get experience also on the hardware side of AI. This position at pmTUC gives me exactly that opportunity.

More exactly, I am working on the „Print the Brain“ project, where my research focuses on designing neuromorphic 3D circuits using printed memristors. I find this project very interesting and cannot wait to contribute to this emerging area of research. My eyes are now on Spiking Neural Networks ;).

Due to this role, I am motivated and look forward to refreshing and improving my skills also with:

After this, my candidate profile should be complete, having experience with AI’s software and hardware sides. Neuromorphic Computing or Neuromorphic Engineering, whatever people call you, here I come!

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